Welkom bij Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

Wij zijn Frenk en Cokky Jespers en in 1987 hebben wij Dressuur- en Africhtingsstal Jespers opgericht. Op onze accommodatie in het Brabantse Teteringen bieden wij pensionstalling aan, we hebben diverse dressuurpaarden in training, Frenk geeft dressuur training aan verschillende ruiters en we hebben een fokkerij-tak met onder andere onze eigen KWPN goedgekeurde hengst Adamo (v. Sandreo).


Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 week 8 hours ago

Via deze weg willen wij als familie iedereen bedanken voor het onvoorstelbaar mooie medeleven bij ons afscheid van Pa, Opa en Opa Opa vandaag.

Echt geweldig, hij zou hier super trots op zijn ♥️

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 week 1 day ago

Met veel verdriet nemen we morgen afscheid van onze lieve vader / opa Jespers. 💫

We zijn trots en dankbaar dat hij tot zijn laatste dag bij ons was op de Manege en zullen alle mooie herinneringen blijven koesteren 🙏🏻

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 week 6 days ago

With sadness we want to tell you all that our beloved dad and granddad passed away last night.

We are very thankfull for everything Dad gave us. He was a suberb horseman, but above all he was a great familyman.

He turned 95 years old in a fantastic way and he passed away peacefully. We will miss him very much! ♥️

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

3 weeks 4 days ago

Maarten Woudstra and Endreo ended the year with a bang! 🚀🤩

In Nieuw and St. Joostland they achieved a nice score in the Inter II and with that, the starting ticket for the Grand Prix was secured! 💪🏻

We are very proud of this great achievement. For Tom en Pak Pantapa, Endreo is now their 3rd Big Tour horse 😍

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

4 weeks 1 day ago

Suzanne Glas has been riding for the last time today. She is going to study in Barcelona! 💪🏻

We thank Susanne for the great cooperation and wish her goodluck with her education, also on behalf of Tom and Pak! 😄

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 month 4 days ago

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a happy New Years Eve and all the best for 2023!! 🎄☃️🎁

Make it count 🐴♥️

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 month 5 days ago

This week Frenk was back in Vienna to give training. It was hard work, not only for the horses but also for Frenk himself! 😜🤣

On the second picture you see Irena with Santana (by Sandro Hit). So much fun training this talented Inter I duo!

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 month 1 week ago

Last weekend Corina De Jong-van Der Kooi was very successful with two different horses! 🥳

Saturday she had her debut with Wish. They were the winners of both tests with 67,17% and 69,66% in the M1 class! 🥇

Sunday she rode Keith in the L2 class and she was also placed 1st and 2nd, with 72,5% and 69,83% 🥇🥈 On top of that, they were also proclaimed the most harmonious combination of their class! 🙌🤩

Dressuur- en africhtingsstal Jespers

1 month 1 week ago

Denise Van Der Hooft & A’ha (v. His Highness) made it to the Grand Prix!! 🤩🥳🥳

This weekend they became 3rd in the Inter II and with that super performance they are allowed to enter the Grand Prix. A’Ha is owned by Tom & Pak Pantapa.

We are so proud of these super stars! ♥️

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